Sophie’s Surprise 29th Tickets – Underbelly Boulevard

Sophie is turning 29 and we’re celebrating, so get in losers!

This is a glorious fusion of comedy, circus, and chaos all disguised as a house party. Just imagine if Cirque du Soleil came down with sunstroke, the Spice Girls never broke up and Les Miserables was rebranded as Les Happyables.

Featuring a cast of world-leading performers from La Clique, Cirque du Soleil, The 7 Finger, and more, Sophie’s Surprise 29th now stumbles into Underbelly Boulevard for its London debut. You can expect Twilight fan fiction, death-defying circus exploits, and a pumping soundtrack at the craziest party you’ve ever been to.

Get your scrunchies, Walkmans, and halter tops ready, coz the party starts on April 11th.

Just remember… do not tell Sophie.

From £30.00

Event Detail

11 April 2024 00:00
26 June 2024 00:00
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