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The wives of Henry VIII once again sing their way out of the history books and into the spotlight of the west-end as Six The Musical continues to 'wow' the West End at its new home at the Vaudeville Theatre in a pop concert remixing 500 years of historical heartbreak into one hour of 100% pure 21st-century sass.

If you thought this show was going to be all about one man – you thought very wrong indeed!

The west-end phenomenon tells the story of the wives of Henry VIII as you've never heard before and features a catalogue of catchy songs, power ballads, and rocking anthems by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. This is a musical spectacular that brings the wives of possibly the most famous monarch who ever lived right into the 21st century with an unforgettable lesson in history and girl power!

How Can I Book Cheap Tickets To SIX - The Musical?

Although several different price bands are starting from around £25, actually finding cheap tickets to SIX was a little bit of a mission due to the small size of its previous home at the Arts Theatre. In a nutshell, this show was too big for this venue and therefore the move to its new home at the Vaudeville Theatre is most welcome. Discounts are still pretty much unheard of due to the excessive demand so booking as far in advance as possible is still highly recommended to secure as much value as possible. We do anticipate that cheaper deals and discounts will eventually be available though for those of you patient enough to wait.

Where Is The Best Section Of The Theatre To Book Tickets To SIX - The Musical?

This will depend on whether you prefer to be seated in the stalls on the ground floor looking directly at the stage or on the first floor in the dress circle looking down at the stage from an elevated position. Both sections have their own merits and also several different price bands to choose from, which should be noted and taken into account as this could be a major factor when deciding which tickets to book. The upper circle also offers value in the price but as they are situated on the second floor these seats are generally speaking not as good as the other two sections. It is always advisable to check the seating plan before you buy theatre tickets at the Vaudeville to ensure maximum value for money as finding the cut-off rows for the different price bands can bring big savings.

How Can I Buy Last Minute Tickets To SIX - The Musical?

Due to the sheer demand for this show, it is unlikely that there will be any official discount SIX tickets available for the foreseeable future at least. The only way to obtain tickets at a discount to SIX therefore would be if agents have booked tickets upfront and are left with some liability stock that they need to offload. This is unlikely to happen often and to pick tickets up in this way really would be down to more luck than judgment and being in the right place at the right time - meaning turning up at around 30 minutes before curtain in the official retail outlets in and around Leicester Square. It should be stressed that this is not a strategy to be recommended if you need to see the show on a specific date and cannot be relied on for success.

The Vaudeville Theatre is a small West End theatre located on The Strand and has a capacity of 692 seats on three levels.

The auditorium boasts excellent views of the stage from all levels with the shape providing an intimate head-on view of the stage due to the size of the venue. There are some minor restrictions in some seats from support pillars that are dotted around in the rear sections of each level so studying the seating plan before purchase is beneficial.

Premium seats can be found in the centre section of the Stalls in rows D-G that offer the best overall views of the stage. The rows closer up suffer a little from the high stage. The centre of the Dress Circle is also a very good option and provides head-on and clear views of the action.

Good value can be found in the Upper Circle with mostly clear-view seating throughout and is ideal for bargain hunters looking for cheap tickets to Six or last-minute show tickets. Seats situated towards the end of the rows in the Dress Circle are also a good bet, as they tend to be cheaper due to very slight pillar restrictions which barely affect the view of the stage.

Seating Plan
Vaudeville Theatre Seating Plan

404 Strand, London, WC2R 0NH

Venue Facilities
Air conditioned

Nearest Tube
Charing Cross

Tube Lines
Bakerloo, Northern

Directions from nearest tube

(5mins) Head out onto the main road Strand. Cross street where possible and go right 100 metres – it’s just after the Adelphi Theatre.

Railway Station
Charing Cross

Bus Numbers
(Strand) 6, 9, 11, 13, 15, 23, 87, 91, 139, 176

Night Bus Numbers
(Strand) 23, 139, 176, N6, N9, N11, N13, N15, N21, N26, N44, N47, N87, N89, N91, N155, N343, N551

Car Park
St Martin's Lane Hotel (5mins)

Within Congestion Zone

Vaudeville Theatre Seating Plan

Event Detail

17 November 2022 00:00
3 November 2024 00:00
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