‘Witness For The Prosecution’ Extends Booking Period & Reveals New Cast

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All rise, as a new cast has been revealed for Agatha Christie’s nail-biting thriller, Witness for the Prosecution. Now in its seventh year at London County Hall, the production has also extended its booking period until March 30th, 2025.

The new cast will feature George Jones as Leonard Vole, Meghan Treadway as Romaine Vole, Oliver Boot as Sir Wilfrid Robarts QC, David Killick as Mr Justice Wainwright, Ewen Cummins as Mr Mayhew, and Gyuri Sarossy as Mr Myers QC.

The new cast will begin performances on March 19th with the remainder of the company consisting of Paulo Vieira, Alexandra Barredo, Nicholas Cowell, Lawrence Haynes, Luke Harrison, Antony Jardine, Rhîan Crowley-McLean, Lara Lemon, Patrick Munday, Nicholas Chambers, Callum Ravden, and Veronica Roberts.

Witness for the Prosecution in London has recently celebrated its 2000th performance and follows the case of Leonard Vole, who stands accused of the cold-blooded murder of a widow in cold blood to inherit her wealth.


Booking & Theatre Info For Witness For The Prosecution

London County Hall is the former home of the GLC that has now been converted into a venue and is located on the South Bank, opposite the Houses Of Parliament and next to the London Eye, and has a capacity of 369 seats.

A key feature of this unique venue is the VIP seating in the Jury Box, which has an authentic feel to it making patrons feel as if they are part of a real trial. Other premium seats in the house are located in the centre between rows C and E in the Courtroom Stalls, which enable the audience to get completely immersed in the action.

The venue also has 12 VIP jury box seats where you can watch the story unfold in front of your eyes while enjoying complimentary refreshments.

Value can be found in the Gallery, however, due to pillars dotted around the auditorium many of these seats come with obstructions to the view of the stage. The seating at the rear in the central gallery offers a clear view of the action and is a good option for patrons looking for cheap Witness For The Prosecution tickets. Bargain hunters searching for lastminute theatre tickets can also find value in the seats at the ends of both the North and South Galleries which are very cheap but do miss around 25% of the stage.

N.B. Studying the seating plan in detail before booking tickets for this production is recommended as some of the seats marked ‘Restricted View’ have obstructions that can take up half of the stage.

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