Twelfth Night Tickets – Regents Park Open Air Theatre

‘What country, friends, is this?’

In an idyllic moonlit seafront cafe, Olivia sings a lament to her long-lost brother, watched on by a dwindling crowd.

After a shipwreck places Viola into their world of abandoned festivities, a tangled web full of deception and disguise begins as a new injection of life rocks this previously melancholic community to the core. Can she manage to wake them from their languor and get the party going again?

Set against the glorious backdrop of the hot Mediterranean sun, William Shakespeare’s comedy of mistaken identities is a wonderful celebration of love. Twelfth Night is directed by Owen Horsley at the Regents Park Open Air Theatre in a marriage of nostalgia, happiness, and riotous partying.

__Assisted performance__
BSL – Thurs 6th June, 7:30pm
Captioned – Fri 31st May, 7:30pm
Audio Described with Touch Tour – Sat 8th June, 2:00pm

From £18.00

Event Detail

3 May 2024 00:00
8 June 2024 00:00
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