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Agatha Christie's legendary 'whodunnit' The Mousetrap is the world's longest-running theatrical production and continues to delight audiences at the St Martins Theatre in London having lost none of its form. Indeed, the reputation of this cutting-edge murder mystery masterpiece goes from strength to strength as brand new generations of theatregoers are tricked and teased by a plot with more twists than a corkscrew!

A small group of people not previously acquainted are gathered in a remote part of the countryside, and to their horror discover that there is a murderer in their midst. Which one of them can it be who did the dastardly deed? As the evening goes on, one by one each one of the suspicious characters is forced to reveal their sordid pasts until at the last, nerve-shredding moment the identity of the murderer and the motive for it are finally revealed.  Find out more information about The Mousetrap here.

A cracking yarn and an irresistible treat for amateur sleuths everywhere.

The St Martin's Theatre is a small West End theatre located on West Street close to both Covent Garden and Leicester Square and has a capacity of 553 seats on three levels.

The small and intimate auditorium offers excellent views of the stage from most areas, although safety rails and overhangs from the circles can cause some slight restrictions. The seats in the venue are not the most comfortable and have limited legroom, so aisle seats are recommended for taller patrons.

There are box seats located in the Dress Circle section which are ideal for couples or small groups of friends and have a clear view of the stage. Boxes A and B are located on the front sides of the Dress Circle and have a capacity for 2 patrons each. The Royal Box is further back in the Royal Circle and is a 4-person box that exudes luxury and is accessed by its private entrance and has a dedicated bathroom and a reception room for pre-show and interval drinks. Tickets for the Royal Box must be booked directly from the box office and are not available online.

Premium seats are located in the centre and towards the front of the Dress Circle which feels relatively low compared to other theatres and views from this level are almost directly in line with the stage.

Great value can be found in the Upper Circle which offers greatly elevated and unobstructed views of the stage and are ideal for patrons on a budget or simply looking to book cheap tickets to the Mousetrap or last minute shows in London. The back row is particularly good value and during off-peak times you will possibly be allowed to move down to the more expensive seats just before the curtain goes up. These seats are also good value in their own right as the stage can be seen without any restrictions.

Do They Ever Discount Tickets To The Mousetrap?

Despite being the longest-running production in the world you may find it surprising that discount tickets to The Mousetrap are very rarely found online, or indeed anywhere else! There is still good demand for this incredible theatrical experience and the producers generally make a point of selling tickets at face value even to official agents which can mean that most online sales will usually feature a booking fee. Despite the lack of official discounts however, there is still value to be had for this show and cheap tickets can usually be found in the upper circle or on the sides of both the stalls and dress circle sections.

How Can I Buy Cheap Tickets To The Mousetrap?

When looking to find maximum value and cheap tickets to The Mousetrap, it is usually best to check midweek performances during the quieter off-peak periods such as November, January, and February where the prices can often come down due to lack of general footfall in the West End. The weeks that follow from school holidays are particularly good for finding a downward movement in ticket prices and locating bargains.

Should I Avoid Upper Circle Tickets To The Mousetrap?

The St Martin's Theatre is a very small and intimate venue and features very few seats that have a restriction to the view. The upper circle seats can offer good value and often cheap options to the consumer, as the difference in the price for tickets to The Mousetrap between the upper circle and the stalls and dress circle sections can be quite substantial, especially during peak periods and on weekends. It is always advisable to check the seating plan before purchase, but as there are two separate price bands in the upper circle as well, these can also come with a difference in the price of up to 30% so there is very often good value to be found in the cheaper option if you look.

Where In The Theatre Are The Best Tickets To The Mousetrap Found?

Due to the small size of the theatre, there are not too many 'bad' seats, especially in the stalls and dress circle sections. For people looking for a bit of legroom, the seats in row G of the stalls offer a good solution as there is a corridor located in front which also pretty much guarantees a perfect view of the stage. The centre section of the dress circle also offers pretty much a perfect view although there are a few seats towards the sides in this section that are a little cramped. It is recommended that patrons always check the seating plan before booking tickets to The Mousetrap as there may be large differences in price between the price bands that can offer up big savings, especially during quiet weeks.

What Is The Performance Schedule For The Mousetrap?

The play has evening performances on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7.30 pm, & Sunday at 6 pm. There are also matinee performances on Thursday & Saturday at 3 pm and Sunday at 2 pm.

Is There An Age Restriction To Watch The Mousetrap?

The recommended minimum age to watch The Mousetrap is 7 years. Patrons should be advised before booking tickets that children aged 5 years and under will not be admitted into the theatre.

How Long Has The Mousetrap Been Playing In London?

The Mousetrap is the world's longest-running production and first opened to the public at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham on October 6th, 1952 before embarking on a UK tour. The play opened in the West End at the Ambassadors Theatre on November 25th, 1952 where it stayed for 22 years before finding its current home at the St Martin's Theatre where it is still the resident production.

What Is The Running Time Of The Mousetrap?

The play lasts for 2 hours and 20 minutes which includes an interval.

Are Any Of The Original Cast Still In The Show?

Bizarrely yes! Derek Guyler, who sadly passed away in 1999 still provides the pre-recorded voice of the newsreader in act one. There is also another survivor from the opening night in the shape of the clock in the main hall that sits above the fireplace.

The Play Was Written As A Gift To Queen Mary!

To celebrate her 80th birthday in 1947 the queen consort was offered a birthday gift of her choice by the BBC which resulted in a request for a new play from Agatha Christie. A short 30-minute radio drama entitled 'Three Blind Mice' was the result which after a few rewrites resulted in a stage play that would open at the Nottingham Play House under the new name of The Mousetrap 5 years later. The rest as they history!

Is There A Movie Version Of The Mousetrap?

Although The Mousetrap is about as British as Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, there have been two movie versions of the play - but neither of them is in English! A film from Russian director Samson Samsonov in 1990 entitled 'Myshelovka' (which translates to ' Mousetrap) follows the plot of the play closely, and Premendra Mitra's 1960 movie 'Chupi Chupi Aashy' performed in Bengali also takes its inspiration from the script of Christie's original radio play.

Agatha Christie Made Her Very Last Public Appearance At The Mousetrap!

At the age of 84 years at The Mousetrap's annual party in 1974, Agatha Christie was to make her very last public appearance. She passed away just over 12 months later on January 12th, 1976.

Who Is The Killer In The Mousetrap?

Now that would be telling, wouldn't it...........

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(5mins) Take Cranbourn Street away from Leicester Square until St Martin’s Lane, where you head left up to West Street. The theatre’s at the right of the fork.

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(Shaftesbury Avenue) 14, 19, 38; (Charing Cross Road) 14, 19, 38, 24, 29, 176

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(Shaftesbury Avenue) 14, N5, N19, N20, N38, N41; (Charing Cross Road) 14, 24, 176, N5, N19, N29, N38, N41, N279

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St Martin's Lane Hotel (4mins)

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