The Government Inspector Tickets – Marylebone Theatre

“There’s no money in honesty!”

A comedy about hustlers, hysterics, and hypocrites.

A vainglorious and over-privileged liar is unwittingly mistaken for a high-ranking government inspector by corrupt local officials within a small parochial town. Desperate to escape censure and cover up their crimes, the town’s Governor pulls out all the stops along with his cronies in an attempt to bribe this dishonest buffoon with cash, wine, and women.

The Marylebone Theatre presents Nikolai Gogol’s masterful comedy, The Government Inspector which focuses on how corrupt power destroys itself, and exposes the tragi-comic consequences of collective delusion and the swindlers who would attempt to exploit it.

From £22.00

Event Detail

3 May 2024 00:00
15 June 2024 00:00
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