MJ the Musical Tickets – Prince Edward Theatre

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers of all time whose unique and unparalleled artistry now comes to the West End at the Prince Edward Theatre in the multiple Tony Award®-winning MJ the Musical.

MJ focuses on the making of his famous Dangerous World Tour in 1992, and goes beyond the signature sound and dance moves of the star, offering a rare insight into the creative mind and collaborative spirit that transported Jackson into legendary musical status.

This explosive new show is created by Tony Award®-winning Choreographer/Director Christopher Wheeldon, and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage, MJ the Musical is set to take the West End by storm.

The Prince Edward Theatre is a large West End theatre with three levels and a capacity of 1711 seats. Each section of the venue offers excellent overall views. Premium seats are situated in the Stalls section on the ground floor which is divided into blocks allowing for the best views in the theatre. The front of the Dress Circle, in rows B-D, seats 15-9 is also great for patrons who prefer to view the stage from an elevated position and is ideal for large-scale musicals.

Box seats are also located on every level of the venue which is ideal for patrons seeking a more intimate and private experience. The boxes in the Stalls level are located at the back and are slightly raised above the main seating area has four moveable chairs that ensure a clear view of the stage, barring a very slight restriction from the overhang from the Dress Circle. Value for money can be found in the boxes in the Grand Circle section, especially Grand Circle Box 1 which features its private bathroom which comes in very handy during the interval.

Loge seating in the Dress Circle is located at the front of the section on the sides of the auditorium. These seats are similar to a box and are semi-private and surrounded by a low wall, separate from the main seating area offering excellent and staggering views of the stage.

Good value can also be found on the third level in the Upper Circle although these are situated quite high up and may not be suitable for patrons suffering from vertigo. Alternatively, the loges on the sides of the Dress Circle are ideal for those on a budget looking for cheap MJ the Musical tickets. These seats offer side views, but do not necessarily restrict the view of any part of the stage. The rows at the rear of the Stalls section can also be regularly discounted and offer clear views.

Are MJ the Musical Tickets Always Expensive? 

While this is not yet a discount show and possibly never will be there is value to be found in prices for midweek performances in off-peak periods. To find good value or lastminute tickets in the auditorium it is highly recommended to check the seating plan before purchase as due to the size of the venue there are quite a few different price bands and the cut-off point for these can often produce big savings.

Do They Ever Discount Tickets To MJ the Musical? 

As it is a brand new show and prices are driven by market forces it is unlikely that official discount tickets to MJ the Musical will be available in the short term however, as with all London theatre tickets, prices do tend to fluctuate in the off-peak season due to basic supply and demand so please check our website for any downward movements in the price or special offers or promotions. If you are bargain hunting for tickets to this show it is recommended that you book during the quiet months such as November, January, and February when the footfall in the West End is slow and producers will always struggle a little to fill the theatres for all 8 shows every week. This usually sees a downward movement in ticket prices and great availability for midweek performances that can bring both big savings and good-value seats if you are flexible with dates.

Should I Avoid Tickets To MJ the Musical With A Restricted View? 

There are not too many seats in the Prince Edward Theatre that have a restricted view but thankfully there are no pillars to negotiate so booking MJ tickets that do have a restriction will usually be at the back of the stalls and to the side. These seats will feature a slightly limited view in a few scenes during the show due to the overhang from the dress circle and the cut-off from the stage on the sides but this is minor and should also be reflected in the price of the ticket. You should always check the seating plan before purchase to make sure that you know exactly what you are buying to avoid any confusion or disappointment and any seats with a restricted view should be marked as such.

Where Are The Best Value Tickets For MJ the Musical? 

The Prince Edward Theatre has three tiers and there is often good value to be found for tickets in all three. In the stalls, the seats in row L all have a completely guaranteed clear view thanks to the corridor in front and as they sit in the second section of the stalls they are often substantially cheaper than the row in front. The same goes for row F in the dress circle which has a fantastic view of the stage but is often cheaper than the rows further forward even though the vantage point could be considered to be better! The cheaper seats in the upper circle are quite high up which should always reflect in the price and row G usually offer patrons good value with a clear and unimpeded view of the stage.

Seating Plan
Prince Edward Theatre Seating Plan

28 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 4HS

Venue Facilities
Air conditioned

Nearest Tube
Leicester Square

Tube Lines
Piccadilly, Northern

Directions from nearest tube

(5mins) Take Charing Cross Road until you reach the crossroads with Shaftesbury Avenue. Passing the Palace Theatre, take Langley Mow on the left and follow it on.

Railway Station
Charing Cross

Bus Numbers
(Shaftesbury Avenue) 14, 19, 38; (Charing Cross Road) 24, 29, 176

Night Bus Numbers
(Shaftesbury Avenue) 14, N5, N19, N20, N38; (Charing Cross Road) 24, 176, N29, N41, N279

Car Park
Chinatown (3mins)

Within Congestion Zone

Prince Edward Theatre Seating Plan
From £20.00

Event Detail

6 March 2024 00:00
7 December 2024 00:00