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Cameron Mackintosh’s legendary production of Les Miserables – Boublil and Schonberg’s powerful blockbuster musical is back! Arguably the world’s most popular stage show, ‘Les Mis’ looks to continue to go from strength to strength at the Sondheim Theatre in London, delighting West End audiences night after night!

Adapted from the classic Victor Hugo novel, Les Miserables, Cameron Mackintosh’s musical production tells the story of one man’s journey through 18th-century France and his epic struggle to survive the French Revolution and the many injustices of the time. It is a powerful musical full of raw passion and courage and has been critically acclaimed around the globe. “If you can’t buy a ticket, steal one”.

Les Mis has so far been seen by over 57 million people in 42 countries, and 291 cities and sung in 21 different languages making it possibly the most successful stage franchise in the history of theatre. Featuring classic songs such as ‘I Dreamed A Dream’, ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’, ‘Bring Him Home’, and many more, this spectacular adaptation of Victor Hugo’s story continues to thrill audiences the world over!

Is It Easy To Buy Cheap Tickets To Les Miserables?

The longevity of this show is as incredible as it is legendary. A rock solid and firm favourite in the West End for over thirty years now and current demand for Les Miserables tickets remains as strong as ever, especially considering that the show had a long break in 2019 due to the refurbishment of the newly named Sondheim Theatre (formally called the ‘Queens’). Having said that there is still value to be found if you look at midweek performances Monday to Thursday outside of school holidays.

Is It Ever Possible To Book Discount Tickets To Les Miserables?

It is possible to find discount tickets, but you will have to be vigilant as it doesn’t happen very often due to what is still huge public demand for Les Mis tickets pretty much all year round. There are quiet weeks though, and the dead months of November and February (especially straight after the half-term holidays) is a great time to hunt for bargains.

Should I Always Avoid Les Mis Tickets That Come With A Restricted View?

It is strongly advised to check the seating plan before booking any seats that feature a restriction for any show however some of the restricted view tickets for Les Miserables in the rear stalls (from row R onwards) are great value as the only restriction comes from the overhang from the Dress Circle which affects just a few seconds of the production and can save up to 30% on the price of the ticket!

Are Upper Circle Tickets To Les Mis Worth Buying?

The Sondheim Theatre is nowhere near as large as some of the other venues in the West End and you won’t get a nosebleed or require a telescope sitting up there! The seats in the centre of the Upper Circle are generally clear view with slight restrictions featuring on the seats on the sides. This does reflect in the price though and if you do your homework and check out the seating plan before buying there are some Upper Circle tickets to Les Miserables that are worth the money and can be considered very good value.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Tickets To Les Mis From The Theatre Or Online?

As this show is very often sold out, all ticket agents and online operators will generally sell at face value plus a booking fee so it can sometimes be beneficial to book direct from the theatre. This is not always the case though as like any business there are peaks and troughs, and during the quieter periods it is often the official online operators and the shops in and around Leicester Square that have the best price for tickets to Les Mis as they have the ability and financial clout to negotiate preferential rates which they can in turn pass onto the consumer.

It is advisable if you are going to book online or through a retail outlet that you make sure that they are affiliated with or members of the Society of London Theatre (SOLT) and/or the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR) as this should always ensure that you get complete transparency during your purchase and no hidden charges or fees.

Where Was Les Miserables First Performed?

As Les Miserables is known as a collaboration between the RSC and Cameron Macintosh it is commonly believed that the show first opened in London when in fact the very first production of the musical was first performed in French at the Palais De Sport in Paris in 1980 where it had a run of 105 performances. It was not until a few years later that Mackintosh decided to produce an English version of the musical which led to the partnership with the RSC resulting in the classic show that we know and love today. The first time ‘Les Mis’ was performed in London was at the Barbican on October 8th, 1985 before it quickly transferred on December 4th to the West End taking up residence at the Palace Theatre where it stayed until switching to the Queen’s theatre in 2004.

Who Featured In The Original Cast Of Les Miserables In London?

The original West End cast members of Les Miserables included Colm Wilkinson as Jean Valjean, Patti LuPone as Fantine, Micheal Ball as Marius, Roger Allam as Javert, and Frances Ruffele who took the role of Eponine.

Are There Any Age Restrictions When Booking Tickets to Les Miserables?

Les Miserables is considered to be suitable for children of 8 years and over.

How Long Is Les Miserables?

The West End production of Les Miserables is 2 hours and 50 minutes long and includes one interval. Performances play from Monday to Saturday at 7.30 pm and there are matinees on both Wednesday and Saturday at 2.30 pm.

When Did Les Miserables First Play On Broadway?

Following on from its success in the West End, Les Miserables opened in New York at the Broadway Theatre on march 12th 1987, and became the second longest-running musical in the history of Broadway. The show has also now been exported and performed in over 40 countries around the world and translated into 22 different languages.

Is Les Miserables The Longest Running Show In The West End?

No. On October 7th, 2006 Les Miserables became the longest-running musical (an accolade it shares with Phantom Of The Opera) however the longest-running production in the West End is undoubtedly Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap which first opened its doors to the public way back in 1952!

What Theatre Does Les Miserables Currently Appear At?

After an extensive refurbishment, the Queens Theatre has now reopened as the newly named Sondheim Theatre and will hopefully continue to host Les Miserables for the foreseeable future.

How Many People Are Involved In The West End Production Of Les Miserables?

The West End production of Les Miserables features approximately 101 members of the cast and crew and requires no fewer than 392 complete costumes including 31 wigs for every single performance.

How Many Times Has Les Miserables Been Performed Around The World?

To date Les Miserables has been performed over 45000 times in professional productions globally and has been seen live by over 57 million people.

When Is Les Miserables Set?

The musical begins at the very end of the Napoleonic Wars following the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and charts events that occur over the following two decades which include the ‘Paris Uprising’ in 1832.

The Sondheim Theatre is a medium size West End theatre situated on Shaftesbury Avenue and has a capacity of 1122 seats on three levels.

Clear-view seating for Les Misérables is available throughout both the Dress Circle and Upper Circle, however, some seats at the rear of the Stalls section have some restrictions and are affected by the overhang and pricing reflects this so good value can be found at the cut-offs in rows R and S where the restriction is minimal. As always when booking London theatre tickets, it is highly recommended to study the seating plan before purchase.

The best seats in the theatre can be found in the centre and front of the Dress Circle, where there is a completely unobstructed and elevated view of the stage. Alternatively, the front section of the Stalls is also an excellent position to watch the show and get entirely immersed!

The aptly named Schönberg and Boublil Loges, (after the composers of Les Misérables), are great for special occasions and are located on the sides of the Dress Circle like traditional theatre boxes, these are accessed by their private entrance and consist of six freestanding chairs however these do have a side view of the stage but are priced similarly to the seats in the rear of the Stalls and Dress Circle.

There are also two boxes located at the rear of the Dress Circle. Due to a restricted view from both the overhang from the Upper Circle and a poor raking of seats in the Dress Circle, these seats are not recommended unless discounted but do include freestanding chairs and a private entrance.

There is value to be found in the slip seats of the Dress Circle which are often discounted, and with a little bit of leaning, offer a clear view of the entire stage quite close-up. Further value can be found by sitting centrally in the Upper Circle which offers a distant, but clear view of the stage and will suit those searching for last minute shows in London or on a budget looking for cheap Les Misérables tickets.

Seating Plan
Sondheim Theatre Seating Plan

51 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 6BA

Venue Facilities
Air conditioned

Nearest Tube
Piccadilly Circus

Tube Lines
Bakerloo, Piccadilly

Directions from nearest tube

(3mins) Take Shaftesbury Avenue along where the famous illuminated signs are. The theatre will be on your left about 100 metres along, just after the Gielgud Theatre.

Railway Station
Charing Cross

Bus Numbers
(Shaftesbury Avenue) 12, 14, 19, 38; (Regent Street) 6, 13, 15, 23, 88, 94, 139, 159, 453

Night Bus Numbers
(Shaftesbury Avenue) 14, N19, N38; (Regent Street) 6, 12, 23, 88, 94, 139, 159, 453, N3, N13, N15, N109, N18, N136

Car Park
Chinatown (3mins)

Within Congestion Zone

Sondheim Theatre Seating Plan
From £55.00

Event Detail

17 November 2022 00:00
28 September 2024 00:00
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