Carmen Tickets – Royal Opera House

Carmen has declared that any man that she loves should beware. However, even Carmen is not ready for what happens when she seduces the handsome army corporal, Don José, who doesn’t initially appear to be interested in her charms. Soon after, however, Don José abandons both his sweetheart Micaëla and his job in the army for Carmen and joins her in the mountains with her smuggler friends.

But Carmen quickly grows tired of Don José’s possessive nature, and after she turns her romantic attentions towards the dashing toreador Escamillo, Don José’s jealousy explodes into violence.

Damiano Michieletto’s electric new production of Carmen evokes the sheer heat and passion of Bizet’s famous score, which features the rousing Toreador song and Carmen’s sultry Habanera.

Emmanuelle Villaume and Antonello Manacorda conduct an exciting international cast at the Royal Opera House, with Vasilisa Berzhanskaya and Aigul Akhmetshina sharing the title role.

The cast of this production may sometimes vary depending on the date of performance.

From £59.00

Event Detail

8 April 2024 00:00
31 May 2024 00:00
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