Rehearsals Begin For 'Tammy Faye' Musical At Almeida Theatre

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Rehearsals have begun for a new musical about the former doyenne of televangelism Tammy Faye, featuring lyrics and music from Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears and Sir Elton John respectively.

The new production, which is set to open off West End this autumn at the Almeida Theatre in London will be directed by Rupert Goold, and features a talented creative team that includes sound designer Bobby Aitken and choreographer Lynne Page working alongside musical supervisor co-orchestrator and arranger Tom Deering. Tickets to Tammy Faye will be available on soon.

Katie Brayben is to take the title role as Tammy Faye in the production. Her previous stage credits include playing the role of Carole King in the musical of the same name, and also Diana, Princess of Wales in 'King Charles III' in 2014.

The production will feature a cast that includes Zubin Varla, Kelly Agbowu, Martin Sarreal, Georgia Louise, Amy Booth-Steel, Fred Haig, Robyn Rose, Peter Caulfield, Danny Collins, Ashley Campbell, Richard Dempsey, Andrew Rannells, Nicholas Rowe, Steve John Shepherd, and Gemma Sutton.

The Almeida Theatre website commented on the new production stating “From a studio in South Carolina, Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker revolutionized religion, preaching to millions 24 hours a day, Tammy just wants to put the fun back into faith. But a new wave of ministers wants you not to just feel God in your heart, but in your homes, in your schools and in the law too.”

As the former wife of televangelist Jim Bakker, Tammy Faye Messner was a hugely prominent figure in the American televangelism scene for over two decades, and was notable in her advocacy for LGBT persons and strong support of HIV/AIDS victims in the early 1980s.

Along with her husband, Jim Bakker, Tammy co-founded the PTL Club, and promoted the concept of what became known as the ‘prosperity gospel’ and went on to gain cachet among evangelicals in the U.S.A.

Following revelations that Bakker had paid $287,000 to Jessica Hahn to keep quiet over allegations that he had sexually assaulted her, the PTL Club eventually imploded in 1987. Bakker strongly denied the claims, but they exposed both the PTL Club and the Bakker’s very lavish lifetyle and eventually led to Bakker serving time in prison for conspiracy and fraud.

Tammy Faye later divorced Bakker and re-married real estate developer Roe Messner who also ended up being sent to prison for bankruptcy fraud.

Performances of Tammy Faye will begin at the Almeida Theatre in London this autumn.  Tickets to the Tammy Faye musical will be available on soon. Please check website for details.

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