‘Mamma Mia! The Party’ Extends Booking Period Into 2025

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The party is still going strong and is set to carry on for a bit longer as Mamma Mia! The Party has extended its current booking period at the O2, with tickets now available until June 15th, 2025.

Since opening back in 2022, Mamma Mia! The Party has immersed audiences into the Mediterranean setting of the hit movie, inviting them into Nikos Taverna on the sun-kissed Greek island of Skopelos, where a love story unravels to the timeless tunes of Swedish supergroup, ABBA. After tucking into a delicious gourmet Greek meal during the performance, audiences are encouraged to join the disco dance party to ABBA’s greatest hits.

The cast of Mamma Mia! The Party features Anthony Costa as Nikos, Kimberly Powell and Gemma Maclean alternating as Kate, Oscar Balmaseda as Fernando, Molly Cleere as Konstantina, Sarah Drake as Nina, Jacob Dachtler as Adam, Rosemary Annabella Nkrumah as Debbie, Dawn Spence as Grandma, Allie Ho Chee and Rosie Rowlands alternating as Bella, Emmanuel Alba as Carlos/Swing, Claudia Bradley as Loretta/Swing, Adam Redford as Ruben/Swing, Deschenes Graham as Joyce/Swing, Robban Hogstrom as Robin/Swing, and Lucy-Anne Stacey as Sue/Swing. The musicians are Luke Higgins, John Donovan, Kathryn Tindall, Luke Roberts, and Steve Rushton.


What’s Included In The Price For Mamma Mia! The Party?

Four hours of entertainment that features an immersive theatrical performance, along with a sumptuous sit-down three-course meal, and of course the opportunity to dance and sing along to ABBA music after the end of the show. You can arrive and mingle with the other guests up to one hour before the start of the show, have a shot of ouzo, and enjoy delicious appetizers. Drinks may be bought separately. Should you have any specific dietary requirements, please contact us in advance.

Seating Information

Premium Tickets: Best seats

Band A Tickets: Excellent seats, in the heart of the action

Band B Tickets: Great seats overlooking the courtyard

Mamma Mia! The Party is not suitable for children under 5 years old.

Tables in the taverna are reserved in the order of receipt of the booking. Bookings for groups will be seated together, with couples and smaller groups allocated seating on tables of up to 8 people. Larger groups of up to 10 people will be allocated across adjacent tables.