All You Need To Know About Back To The Future: The Musical

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The power of love has roared into the West End at 88mph at the Adelphi Theatre, in the form of the incredible stage production of Back to the Future: The Musical!  Back in 1985, the iconic movie transformed the future of sci-fi storytelling, with its mad-cap and radical time-travelling plot blending fantasy with real life. Now, brand new dimensions are being opened in West End theatre as the story of Back to the Future has arrived on stage in London.

Just as in the movie, the musical follows the fortunes of intrepid teenager Marty McFly, who accidentally finds himself transported from 1985 to 1955 thanks to a time-machine that came in the form of a DeLorean car. There seems to be only one way for Marty McFly to return back to the future — and his real world — and that is to ensure that his parents meet, fall in love and get married so that he can exist.

Why go and see this incredible show? Here’s a quick guide to Back to the Future: The Musical in London.

What is the plot of Back to the Future: The Musical?

The storyline in the musical Back to the Future centres on high school student Marty McFly. The year is 1985, and when he’s not in school, all Marty wants to do is ride around his local town, Hill Valley, on his skateboard. Not all the town’s residents are as laidback as Marty however, especially the eccentric scientist Dr Emmett Brown who lives alone on the edge of town. One night, Marty visits Dr Brown’s lab, and finds a DeLorean car. One might ask the question, what good is a DeLorean in a lab? All the answers are revealed when Dr.Brown and Marty travel back in time, landing 30 years in the past in 1955.

As soon as Emmett and Marty open the car doors, they find themselves in a whole different age. What is rock ‘n roll music? Who is Calvin Klein? What are teenagers? Marty realises that while he is stuck in 1955 he must attempt to blend the past, present, and also the future to help his now high school-aged parents meet and fall in love all over again. This proves to be easier said than done though, and messing around with time can have life-changing consequences.

Which London theatre does Back to the Future: The Musical play at?

Back to the Future: The Musical is currently showcasing at the Adelphi Theatre which is located in the very heart of Theatreland on the Strand, close to both the Savoy Theatre and the Vaudeville Theatre. Previous shows to feature at the Adelphi Theatre include Waitress, Sunset Boulevard, Chicago, Made in Dagenham and Kinky Boots. The current production of Back to the Future: The Musical opened at the venue in 2021.

How long is the musical version of Back to the Future?

The show has a running time of 2 hours and 40 minutes, which includes a 20 minute interval.

What days is Back to the Future: The Musical playing?

Back to the Future: The Musical plays 8 shows a week with evening performances on Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat, and matinee performances are on Thurs, Sat and Sun.

When was the premiere of Back to the Future: The Musical?

The original idea for a stage show version of Back to the Future came back in 2005, after movie creator Robert Zemeckis’ wife asked him if the original plot of the film could ever be recreated on the stage. The musical was originally scheduled to open in 2015; the year when the characters go the other way and travel forward in time in the movie sequel Back to the Future: Part II. The musical was delayed however, and was eventually pushed back a few years later, finally opening at Manchester Opera House just days before the big shutdown due to the pandemic in 2020.  Back to the Future: The Musical eventually came to the Adelphi Theatre in London on 13th September 2021, where it is still the resident show.

Who wrote the stage show version of Back to the Future?

Back to the Future: The Musical has a book by the original movie creators, Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis who first met at the University of Southern California. Zemeckis’ other movie credits include ‘The Polar Express’, ‘Welcome to Marwen’ and ‘The Walk’.  Bob Gale has worked on the entire Back to the Future trilogy of movies.

The music featured in the show was created by Alan Silvestri whose previous credits include Grammy-winning music for ‘Cast Away’, and ‘The Polar Express’ and more recently in ‘The Witches’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’.

Glen Ballard created the lyrics in Back to the Future: The Musical. Ballard has previously worked in the West End on ‘Ghost the Musical’ and has also assisted several major recording artists on a number of albums, including Alanis Morrisette’s “Jagged Little Pill”, (currently being adapted into a musical and due to open in the West End later this year).

What songs feature in Back to the Future: The Musical?

The stage version of Back to the Future features all of the hit pop songs from the famous 1985 movie, as well as a collection of original tracks. The full list of songs in Back to the Future: The Musical are listed below..

Act One

“It’s Only a Matter of Time”
“Got No Future”
“Wherever We’re Going”
“Hello – Is Anybody Home?”
“It Works”
“Got No Future (Reprise)”
“Gotta Start Somewhere”
“My Myopia”
“Pretty Baby”
“Future Boy”
“Hill Valley High School Fight Song”
“Something About That Boy”

Act Two

“21st Century”
“Something About That Boy (Reprise)”
“Put Your Mind to It”
“For the Dreamers”
“Teach Him a Lesson”
“It’s Only a Matter of Time (Reprise)”
“Deep Divin'”
“Pretty Baby (Reprise)”
“Earth Angel”
“Johnny B. Goode”
“For the Dreamers (Reprise)”
“The Power of Love”
“Doc Returns/Finale”
“Back in Time”

Has Back to the Future: The Musical won any awards?

Back to the Future: The Musical is currently nominated for 7 Olivier Awards.

Best Sound Design
Best Actor in a Musical
Best New Musical
Best Original Score or New Orchestrations
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Best Set Design
Best Lighting Design

Here are a few fun facts about Back to the Future: The Musical

Back to the Future was the highest-grossing movie of 1985, and is still one of the best-selling sci-fi films ever made.
Although everybody loves the time-travelling machine, the DeLorean on both stage and screen. It was however, nearly a refrigerator as in the original notes and ideas, it was suggested that Marty and Doc stepped inside a fridge to go back in time. A rethink came up with the idea for the DeLorean which is definitely a much cooler way to travel back in time!
It took over 15 years from the original idea, before Back to the Future: The Musical finally made it to the stage.

How to get tickets to Back to the Future: The Musical

Tickets to Back to the Future: The Musical are currently available to book securely online through or direct from the box office at the theatre